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Continues to be spectacular!

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Groot #2 Comic Book - Marvel Comics

This series continues to be just absolutely amazing!   It's more of a solo Groot issue, with a little Rocket in flashbacks, but it works, it fleshes out their past and friendship a little, and it sets up the next issue as well.   And I can't wait for the next issue. 


This was a quick read, partly due to the fact that single  issues of comics are short, but mostly due to the fact that the art is gorgeous, and the dialogue is perfect for the characters: funny, in character, and mostly lighthearted with a strong focus on the friendship between Groot and Rocket. 


Groot was always a character I liked, but mostly because he worked off Rocket.   He worked with Rocket better than any other character I've seen, and so I was wary of this issue.   Would Groot work on his own?   Loveness does a lot with a character with very limited dialogue, showing a side to him that I hadn't considered: the desperation for contact, for being able to connect through people via speech.   The search for someone who understands him. 


Which, again, only underscores the friendship between Groot and Rocket, and why it works so well.   Lovely, lovely issue.   Recommended for any Guardians of the Galaxy, or even just Marvel, fan. 


PS - one of my boys is on the cover.   Vision is almost completely obscured by one of the boxes on the cover, but he's there!