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Far more intense than I expected!

Reblogged from Grimlock ♥ Ultra Magnus:
Deadpool Killustrated - Matteo Lolli, Cullen Bunn

This was, I assumed, a light take on Deadpool murdering the classics.   References to how he did so in as gory as manner as possible.   Like those retellings of the classics, just with Deadpool. 


It's so, so much more than that.   After he finds out he's a fictional character in Deadpool Kills the Marvel Universe, he figures he'll die after he kills everyone off.   Except that he doesn't die, so he decides he needs to kill of the stories and ideas that spawned the Marvel universe and the characters within. 


It's meta, it's a way to pay homage to the classics that did inspire the characters, and it's actually got a storyline that makes sense.   It's amazing, and it made me thought about how I treat the characters when I read and thus interact with them.   


Wonderful, rich stuff - which was just a bonus.   


And y'know, Deadpool which is why I came in the first place.